Monday, January 26, 2009

Tell School Board to Approve Gay-Straight Alliance

Students at a school in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania have proposed a gay-straight alliance club at their school.

The first board meeting on Jan. 13, little had been said to the teenagers hoping to start a Gay-Straight Alliance.

The second school board meeting just a week later presented a much more challenging situation for the three students who attended. The public comment portion of the meeting stretched for more than an hour, as people spoke for and against the club’s formation at the high school. (LGBT Youth News)

The districs core values consist of:

INTEGRITY - We seek to do everything with integrity; we treat everyone with respect.

LEARNING - We recognize teaching as well as learning needs to be of the highest priority. Learning is essential. Everyone can learn and help others to learn.

EXCELLENCE - We challenge ourselves and others to strive for excellence.

INDIVIDUALITY - We cherish the uniqueness and worth of every individual.

SHARED RESPONSIBILITY - We believe that education is a shared responsibility;
cooperation and communication. (WASD)

Urge the school board to uphold the rights of its student to form a GSA and to stay true to their founding principles. Click here to send a message to all of the board members.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Our LGBT children need all the help we can give them.

Laurie said...

I wanted to start one of those at the
school where I work...One teacher had
started one but it only lasted a single
school year...The principle shot down my
attempt at starting one....Kinda sucked...
Oh well! The GLBT students know that I'm on
their side and will always be there for them...


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.
I'm a founder of the GSA that this article is about.
Last night was the school board meeting where the vote was held. After almost 4 hours of listening to members of the community knock us (mostly) and some school board members do the same, our club was passed with a 6-3 vote.

Thanks for the help.

Queers United said...

Alexis thanks so much for your courage and willpower to fight the establishment. Congratulations on the passing of the club, please let us know if you ever need any help publicizing events.

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