Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Goober Smoocher"

"Goober Smoocher" is a derogatory truckers term for a gay man.

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OMG, there is one I didn't know!! BTW, how are you? Your blog is amazing and I tell people about it all the time. Sorry I don't comment more, working a LOT of hours lately and feel like I an on auto-pilot most of the day.

Keep up the great work cutie!


Laurie said...

HA! I always say 'GOOBER SMOOCH' when
something is goobered...Like at work when
I find a dirty pan or a rag that I've used
to clean up a mess...I say its been
GOOBER SMOOCHED....I'll even say that about
money if a kid has dropped it in their food
or have had it in their mouths...
Never thought of it as a gay trucker....


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