Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ask Your Assemblymember to Support Marriage & GENDA in New York

The 2009 legislative session is here. We need you to make sure your Assemblymember supports marriage equality and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act when these bills come before them again in the coming months. The Assembly passed the marriage bill for the first time by a vote of 85-61 in June 2007 and the GENDA bill by a vote of 108-34 in June 2008.

Click here to contact your New York district Assemblymember.

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Anonymous said...

Genda: Because we needed to kill off a few more trans women before considering them equal to teh Gay.

SONDA: because trans lives still don't matter.

And of course, all this brought to you by Empire State Pride Agenda, because dead trans women are an excuse to throw a party...

And yes, the area LGBT centers still exclude trans women, while welcoming trans men

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