Monday, January 26, 2009

(Secretary of GLBT Affairs) Urged by National Grassroots Group

Equal Rep is now putting on a follow-up national campaign to strongly urge President-elect Obama to create a new Cabinet position, Secretary of GLBT Affairs.

"We are the only minority group to have outright discriminatory laws against us. We can't marry in 48 states, if we join the military we are required to lie or hide our sexual orientation lest we be discharged, and we are denied all federal recognition that we even exist just to name a few laws. If ever there was a critical need for a new Cabinet position, this is it." said Equal Rep founder, Paul Sousa. "And on top of that, GLBT Americans are the only minority group to have never been appointed to the Presidential Cabinet in the history of the United States. We're asking President Obama to give this community the legal and political attention it requires and the representation it deserves."
There are other Cabinet positions that represent minority groups such as the Secretary of Veterans' Affairs and Equal Rep is asking President Obama to create another position similarly for the GLBT community. It is commonplace for Presidents to create Cabinet positions due to community needs such as the creation of the Secretary of Homeland Security position in 2001.

STEP 1. Call Obama: 202-456-1111
STEP 2. Email Obama:
STEP 3. Repeat daily till Friday.


Anonymous said...

stoooopid idea

Anonymous said...

Ok, not stoopid, just misguided. Let's use our political capital for actual victories... like repealing DOMA, ending DADT, passing an inclusive ENDA.

This would play right into the conservative 'gays want special rights' argument. There is no comparable cabinet-level position... Veterans Affairs is a huuuuge stretch. No other identity-based community has such a position. Now an agency/commission on LGBT Affairs... THAT would be a smart idea. This is too far, overly dramatic, and makes us look like we want stupid little victories (at least compared to DOMA and ENDA) like cabinet-level representation.

Anonymous said...

What a monumental waist of time and energy! Get real and work to enhance the GLBT agenda.

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