Saturday, January 17, 2009

Banding Together - Help Out The Lesbian and Gay Band Association

The Lesbian and Gay Band Association will be the first LGBT organization to ever march in an Inaugural Parade for the President of the United States. You can help us march into history.

Your tax-deductible contributions can help our musicians through rehearsals and the performance:

* $10 will provide lunch for a musician during rehearsal (200 lunches needed)
* $15 to provide one case of water (23 cases needed)
* $15 will purchase handwarmers for one rank of musicians (22 ranks)
* $40 to provide one musician's bus seat to parade and back (180 seats needed)
* $75 will sponsor a piece of music (we're playing 5 pieces)
* $400 to furnish one new banner to say who we are, loud and clear

We're all in this together: Your financial contributions will help us represent you with pride. Use the donation button at left to pledge your support today.

Contribute here for inaugural pride and success.

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Laurie said...

I so wish I was a millionair....I would
pay for it all....But sadly I am not :(


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