Friday, January 9, 2009

'Focus on the Family' Going Back on Dr. Phil Show!

Dr. Phil must really love discussing anti LGBT sentiment and playing into the notion that our identities are nothing more than a mental illness. As evidenced by his previous show on "Gender Confused Kids" where "expert" Glenn Stanton from the notoriously anti-gay and transphobic Focus on The Family expressed his unscientific point.

Dr. Phil continued his crusade against LGBT Americans by playing into transphobia more by scheduling more offensive shows.

Now, as reported by Good As You, he is bringing Glenn Stanton back, as well as "ex-gay" proponent Joseph Nicolosi as a guest.

The show is scheduled to air Tuesday. It is time that Dr. Phil stop putting unscientific, anti-psychology "experts" on his show. People look to him for advice, and it is wrong to feature these voices on his show. This is not a debate on gay/trans rights, this is a discussion about how to deal with these identities, and the debate is over on that matter.

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Anonymous said...

focus on the family... what a pretty name to dress an anti-family organization. Ex-gays...funny. Sad how because of so-call ex-gays some will generalize the gay community. Ex-gays trying to convince themselves that they're not gay by impregnating their wives every consecutive year. "I'm not gay!!!Ahhhh!!!!"

davidm052 said...

Dr. Phil, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and the sort are strong evidence that there should be a constitutional amendment that egomaniacal megalomaniacs should not be allowed to marry or raise children.
Using their rationalization would one major psychological disorder be any worse than the other as disqualification for equal rights?

Anonymous said...

As an exgay myself i promise you i don't convince myself of being exgay by impregnating women. Exgay are REAL!

Queers United said...

Anonymous there is no such thing as "ex-gay" you are gay who chooses to remain in denial or celibate. I can also marry a woman, that wouldn't change the fact that my orientation, emotional, sexual, and spiritual attraction is for men. You can live whatever life you want, but you are still gay, who chooses to not engage in gay sex.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person who's an exgay:
Being gay is a choice. But being attracted to the same sex is not.

To Dr. Phil:
stop sticking your bald head into other people's business. I saw that episode b/c I was curious as to what the idiot psychologist had to say. I applaud the mother and father who supported their son in what he wants to be, it's a beautiful thing to see someone embrace their children so lovingly no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it ironic that Anonymous, an "ex-gay" is reading a gay blog???

Anonymous said...

If people who refer to themselves as "exgay" have found happiness or a sense of peace, I say good for them. It's none of my business and I really don't care. I only ask that they stop going from pillar to post shouting to anyone that will listen that you can be "cured". I'm not sick so I don't need a cure. I'm not broken so stop saying I can be fixed. I'm not one of those people who did a lot of hand ringing, crying and cursing the darkness because I like men. By all means, enjoy your life as an exgay and let me enjoy mine as a still-gay.

Anonymous said...

Of course "Dr." Phil puts "unscientific" guests on his show. He himself is unscientific, his guests are his peer group. "Dr." Phil's show is for people who don't know any better than to listen to his drivel.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you people just stay "in the closet " & quit pushing your gay agenda down America's throat?

God made a man to be with a women...that's it...CASE CLOSED!!!!
Hey, I want to go grab some rock for my landscaping I know where there's a bunch for free, I could save a bunch of money. But it's not the right thing to do. I'd also like to have some extra marital affairs with some pretty ladies, but it's not the right thing to do either!

We can not do what we want just cause it feels right! WE have commandments from our creator
and a man is to be with a women...SORRY!!!

One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. He instantly took away my alcoholism when nothing else worked. He is bigger than your mistaken thinking. A man is not for a man, nor a women for a women. Repent, and pray for help. He will help!!!! Eternity in Hell will truly be a shame, not to mention excrutiating agony forever!

Queers United said...

Anonymous I'd rather spend an eternity on hell than a minute on Earth living a lie and misery of a heterosexual lifestyle. Not to mention I have a relationship with God and God is completely affirming and loving of people who are gay. How can loving another be wrong, it is a manifestation of God himself.

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