Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fox News 'Transition Tracker' Promotes Gay Fear

Fox News has come out with an article called 'Gay America Prepares to Party at Obama Inauguration' trying to once again elicit conservatives worst nightmares.

The article makes it sound like millions of LGBT activists will flood the streets and promote their agenda. They are trying to paint Obama as a "San Francisco Values" liberal, and they don't mean it in a good way.

The article goes on to quote several anti-equality organizations and their spokespeople. Including such ludicrous organizations as 'Americans For Truth About Homosexuality' run by Peter LaBarbera which is a hate group that seeks to pathologize and take away rights from LGBT people.

The mere mention, and quoting of Mr. LaBarbera is in itself un-newsworthy, and he seeks to push his agenda to insinuate that behind closed doors, there will be gay sex parties, fetish events, and more that are somehow tied to the Obama inauguration. There is a fetish event scheduled prior to the inauguration, but it is completely unrelated to the Obama celebration. The conservatives seek to paint a broad brush on the entire LGBT community in attempt to make us appear to have an alternative lifestyle of filth and perversion.

This article is another example of the divisive politics and scare tactics displayed over and over again by Fox News. Please let Fox know that this story is biased, inappropriate and factually incorrect.

Please click to contact Fox News Online and tell them to stop their blatant homophobic news coverage.

You can also contact Fox News via phone at: 1-888-369-4762.


Anonymous said...

cute graphic! :)
rolling my eyes.
don't they have better news to rumble about? must be slow at Fox!

Anonymous said...

I'm gay and like Fox News. As someone who actually watches the channel, I've never detected an anti-gay agenda in their reporting. Before judging the channel, spend a little time watching it -- then make your own decision.

Anonymous said...

I second the gay fox news watcher.

I'd rather have two sides to the argument than just calling them names for having any sense of objectivity.

After reading the article I think the comments showed how oddly obsessed the Christians were, following people to a hotel? Reasonable people can see this for what it is, and those on the far left (like this blog) or far right (creepy Christians with too much free time) will just keep their incessant squealing whenever anything not fitting their worldview is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster -- I assume then that you feel MSNBC and CNN are straight shooters reporting everything right down the middle. No left wing bias on those stations. My next door neighbor shares your sentiments about Fox News, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. I asked her if she has ever seen Fox News. Of course she said no. Just keep drinking the kool-aid.

Queers United said...

I have seen fox, oreilly, hannity millions of times, and it's far from "fair and balanced"

Anonymous said...

Okay. I'll give you Hannity -- he is conservative. But that hour also had Alan Colmes who is liberal. Who gives the opposing view to Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow?

Queers United said...

Alan Colmes doesn't talk and who gives the opposing view on O'reilly? Atleast MSNBC has pat buchanan, and joe scarborough

Anonymous said...

Actually MSNBC can put on whoever they want. Nobody watches the channel anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm gay, I like py privacy, I like my freedom (which is more than gays can say in other countries), and I like my money to stay mine.I've watched fox for years; Ever since I got tied of the biased other networks. I have never found them to anti-gay. If you don't believe be, check out Bill Hemmer!!! He can give me a special report anytime!

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