Saturday, January 3, 2009

MC FLOW - "Created Equal"

MC FLOW has come out with a new music video called "Created Equal" in response to the passage of proposition 8 which eliminated marriage rights in California. It is clever, catchy, and powerful. P.S. the woman holding the “committed” sign in the video is Flow’s partner.

H/T to Mike Tidmus Blog.


Alisha said...

i can't get enough of this song and wish i could find the lyrics somewhere!

Queers United said...

alisha im glad im not the only one who keeps listening to it, i thought i was going borderline insane lol

Keke said...

Love this, I am re-posting on Alicia Leafgreen's myspace page!
One Love-

Anonymous said...

she has the lyrics posted on her myspace profile:

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