Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayers for Bobby Via Youtube

As posted earlier, the movie Prayers for Bobby is a powerful drama based on a real life. The story is about a mother who could not accept her sons homosexuality, and as a result of his families ignorance, the boy commits suicide. The mother struggles to make peace with herself, and ultimately becomes an advocate on behalf of gay rights.

The movie is continually being shown on the Lifetime channel and the entire movie Prayers for Bobby has been uploaded to Youtube and can be seen within 10 different segments.


Laurie said...

YES!!! I so saw that and I wanna
watch it...I never saw how a parent couldn't
except their child for being gay....
If my son said he was gay I'd hug him..Smile
and love him just as much as I did before...

Guess all parents don't think like I do....

I would rather have my child alive and gay
then dead because he's gay....


Anonymous said...

Great movie, rather unusual fare for Lifetime.

That said, I remember my coming out to my father. My mom passed away when I was a young teen.

One night the phone rings. Apparently one of my fathers friend saw myself and my SO going into a gay bar.

So my father asked if I was gay. I told him yes I was. He was fine with that, he told me he loved me and that ended with me in tears for being so stupid as to not trust him enough to tell him earlier.

The rest of my family including my grandmother, my aunts et al were great about it too.

Peter C. Frank said...

The videos have been removed from YouTube as LifeTime posted a copyright infringement claim. :(

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