Thursday, January 29, 2009

Queer LiberAction in Dallas Texas

Queer LiberAction will stage a queer kiss-in on Saturday, February 7 at noon. This will take place by the Dallas Museum of Art at Ross and Harwood in Downtown Dallas.

In addition be sure to attend the big 'Freedom to Marry Day' demonstration at 11:30 am on Thursday, February 12. The festivities will begin in Founder's Plaza outside the Records Building at 509 Main St.

Queer Liberaction

H/T to Planet Transgender.

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Anonymous said...

To the People of Forth Worth,

I would like to personally apologize to the people of Forth Worth, The City Officials of Forth Worth, Residents and tourist of Forth Worth-this "display" was horrible. It also reflects badly upon the entire gay community. My life partner and I recently moved to Texas from the Los Angeles area. We had hope we had left all this nonsense behind in California it is clear we did not after reading this.

I would like to point out that those who engaged in this act of civil disruption, clearly did so without the blessing of gay men like us. I don't recall taking a vote, or casting a ballot which made these idiots "spokes people" for the whole GLBT community. I would hope that the good people of Forth Worth understand that the actions of these few do not reflect how the more mature- mainstream members of the GLBT community think and act. Sadly, those people who participated in this caused unwanted NEGATIVE attention to gay men like my partner and I. If one thing was accomplished with this stunt, it clearly shows Forth Worth as a tolerant city towards GLBT's-I don't believe any of them were arrested or assaulted during their childish tantrum at the Stock Yards. So, it appears they failed to get their desired results. If anything they got their "10 seconds" of fame and embarrassed themselves before the people of Forth Worth and members of their own community like my partner and I.

I am glad that at least one photograph of the "activist" was published-look forward to the day when I cross paths with him out in the community and I decline to shake his hand and say, "you are a fool for doing this." I fully intend to treat the people who participated in this as social outcasts!

While I am unclear as to the full motivation for this I suspect it has much to do with the Rainbow Room and the police activity that took place at this location a few months back. I am not one to condone "tit-for-tat" activities. However, when the gay community in Los Angeles engaged in riot like activities when proposition 8 passed last November (gay marriage ban in CAL) my partner and I REFUSED to go to any gay bar or restaurant. Instead we went to locations we knew were straight owned-it was our way of saying we disapprove of our communities lawless actions. Keeping with that, we have decided that we will not be going to the Rainbow Room any time soon and spending our money. It is our hope that the owners of this establishment will "talk sense" to those who cast our community in a negative light and insist that they stop this childish behavior.

John S.
Cumby, Texas

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