Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shame on the LDS Church!

The gay community was already angry at the Mormon Church over its decision to heavily finance the proposition 8 campaign to defeat marriage rights in California for same-sex couples.

The LDS Church responded by saying they support gay rights, just not the word 'marriage' and were given the opportunity to stand up and show their support for other measures.

The Common Ground Initiative was meant to introduce improvements of the law to be more inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, these set of bills had zero to do with marriage, so the Mormon Church would speak out in support, right?

No. They even defeated the Wrongful Deaths Amendment which never made it out of committee.

This goes to show the true colors of the LDS Church as anti-gay institution.

Shame on LDS Steps of Action:

1. Boycott the LDS Church. Don't listen to their missionaries, don't go to their Visitors Centers, don't attend their events and pageants.

2. Boycott LDS-owned businesses - owners give 10% of what they make to the LDS Church.

3. Don't visit the Hate State- there's nothing in Utah you can't get elsewhere, and the LDS Church dominates everything about Utah.

4. Write a letter of complaint. Let them know how you feel. Address it to: Thomas Monson, 50 E. North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150.

5. Sign petitions and/or resign: remove LDS tax-exempt status, Mormons Stole Our, Sign For Something.


Scot said...

"3. Don't visit the Hate State"

I guess we won't be expecting a visit from you then :-).

"there's nothing in Utah you can't get elsewhere"

If only that were true for us of family, friends, and familiarity. Nevertheless, we're trying to find a new home. Just make sure your Supreme Court does the right thing; we'd rather have a good reason to move to Ca.

Peter C. Frank said...

You should check out the post I made last week, where I've asked people to provide info on contributions flowing out of SLC, UT and advised me to be easy and gentle and kind, caring, and compassionate to strangers but to string anyone up by the balls who's trying to get one over...

Stephen said...

The Mormon Church hates gay and lesbian people. It is plain and simple. Accept it folks. They are not going to change. Boycott everything they own and do!!!! Let their "missionaries" know how we feel. Confront them in public and on the front steps of your home. Get this cult out of our lives once and for all. Let them live in their polygamous families and leave us alone!!!!

Peter C. Frank said...

It would help if I include the URL for that post, wouldn't it? I don't know where my mind was when I posted the above response.

Here goes:

emissary said...

I think by "support gay rights" you mean this quote: "[T]he Church does not object to rights for same-sex couples regarding hospitalization and medical care, fair housing and employment rights, or probate rights, so long as these do not infringe on the integrity of the traditional family or the constitutional rights of churches."

I think "does not object to" is a far cry from "readily endorses". And I also feel it's unjust to treat the state of Utah as the LDS Church. It was the Senate Judiciary Committee that voted it down, not the Mormon church. From what I've read (although I could have missed something), it seems the LDS church said nothing either for or against, and the elected representatives made their decisions.

Queer Heaven said...

Don't forget that the Marriott Hotel chain and its franchises are owned & or operated by The Marriott Family all members of the LDS.

Seth R. said...

"Boycott the LDS Church. Don't listen to their missionaries, don't go to their Visitors Centers, don't attend their events and pageants."

Like you guys were even going to do any of those things before Prop 8 went through.

Peter C. Frank said...

Just wrote a little article on my blog about why the LDS Church is being attacked:

Anonymous said...

I understand that everyone has there own opion on topics and something like this is no different. But to sitt here and make a web site.?!?!? Its just not LDS you should be hating on. Even some non member people and even other religons feel the same. I am a member of the LDS church. I have nothing wrong with same sex marriage. Each to there own. But just dont hit on me and ill be fine. Not every memeber in the LDS church agianst it. I dont understand why the LDS church must be hated on so much. My own father does like me being a member. He talks about it all the time. But anyways thats just how i feel about this. And if NO ONE likes it. Then get over yourself please.

Mindy Floyd said...

As im reading these comments about the missionarys and how you people think that we mormons hate anyone that isnt stright. First of all. 'hate' is such a strong word and in this case it is not needed. We dont hate them. I personailly dont have a problems with gays and so on and so forth. People please stop hating.

Anonymous said...

Okay so not EVERYONE in Utah is mormon thank you very much.

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