Friday, January 16, 2009

Take Action for Marriage Equality in Maine

A bill to make marriage between same-sex couples legal and to reverse the existing ban on same-sex marriage in Maine will be brought up for a vote in the legislature. The bill is sponsored by Senator Dennis Damon (D-Hancock).

The Maine Freedom to Marry Coalition is asking for people to get involved:

The Way Life Should Be: Marriage In Maine

Share the story of your same-sex relationship in Maine at Our Stories.


Laurie said...

Yep...I'm so with them :)


Anonymous said...

I love that the East Coast is so progressive! Makes me want to move! The West Coast is so weird and set in their non-gay ways! Here's to Maine!

T. R Xands said...

I agree with Bridgeout, it's great to see the East coast opening up more and more. Go Maine!

Being here in the *shudder* south it's nice to see good things...

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