Friday, January 23, 2009

Web Spotlight: The Federation of Gay Games

The Federation of Gay Games ensures that the Gay Games offers participants the opportunity to express themselves openly and to experience camaraderie and validation through sport and culture.


RichieNJ said...

I still have a sour taste in my mouth from the Amsterdam Gay Games when organizers did not recognize partners of participants to sit together. Unmarried (by any law) partners who were not competing had to sit in a separate section than participants.

Queers United said...

richie that is insane I didn't know that, you would thinkt eh gay games would be sympathetic. what the hell.

Gay Games Blogger said...

I was not there, and only involved since Chicago.

The reason was not because they were gay unmarried partners. It was because the participants paid to participate and only they were allowed to march in together. The march in takes hours and if we added family, they feared it take way too long.

Seating was meant to be faster by doing this. It is a tough job to run an opening ceremonies on a tiny budget. The Olympics gets huge sponsorship dollars. We only wish corporations could give at the same level to Gay Games.

Please donate!

Cologne Gay Games (2010) is looking at letting partners pay a fee to walk in with their family. They are planning a very different approach to handle this.

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