Thursday, January 1, 2009

Word of the Gay: "Queen Mary"

"Queen Mary" is a slang term used within the queer community to describe heavier set gay men.


Anonymous said...

I am a gay man who 'specializes' in heavier set gay men, and I have NEVER heard this term....

Laurie said...

I wonder what my friend Bill would say
if I called him that...teehee! Right now
I call him 'My OLD man' (he's 13 years older
than me)


Word Geek said...

I would have thought this referred to the Alpha Gay Male on a scene. The Godfairy. The Queertriarch. The Queen Mary. No?

Anonymous said...

I've only heard 'bear' (if he's hairy) and 'chub(by)', preferred of course by 'chubby chaser(s)'.

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