Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Queer Spin Zone

This entry is looking at races/propositions of particular importance to the queer community. Refresh frequently for updates with a queer twist.


Barack Obama (D) (Winner)


New Mexico:
Pro-equality Tom Udall (D)(Winner).

North Carolina:
Anti-gay Senator Dole (R) (Loser), Kay Hagan (D) (Winner)

New Hampshire:
Pro-gay Jeanne Shaheen (D) (Winner)


Anti-gay Tom Feeney (R) (Loser), Suzanne Kosmas (D)(Winner).

Anti-gay Mitch McConnell (R) (Winner)

Openly gay Barney Frank (D) (Winner).

Openly lesbian Tammy Baldwin (D) (Winner).

Openly gay Jared Polis (D) (Winner)


California Prop 8 (Marriage Ban)
- Early indications suggest it passing

Florida Prop 2 (Marriage Ban) - Passed

Arizona Prop 102 (Marriage Ban) - Passed

Arkansas Prop 1 (LGBT Adoption Ban)
- Passed

Connecticut Initiative 1 (Constitutional Convention) - Rejected


Queers United said...

sadly it doesn't look like it will be a huge sweep but rather a tight race so far

Anonymous said...

If Proposition 8 passes you can send a nice letter of thanks to Jack O'Connell for being dishonest with Californians. Honesty is always the best policy Jack.

T. R Xands said...

Wow, that's just all kinds of depressing. We progressed for like 5 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Prop 8 isn't through yet at the time of this writing, but the others have all passed, and prop 8 doesn't look good. This really is a sad day for the civil rights movement.

Obama wins, but on the same day 5 separate states write homophobia into their Constitutions. Bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is ever perfect, is it... instead, there's always some space for improvements and things to change - which is good - or we might get bored...

Anonymous said...

Oh God, I'm soo sorry, this is truly horrible. I'm speechless...

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing to hear about the propositions being passed. It's amazing to me that those are even issues in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where's the love for openly gay Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin? Sure, it's not a surprise she won, but come on!

Queers United said...

I hear you all it is definitely a mixed bag of emotions today. We got Obama which is amazing, but clearly the nation has not moved fwd on LGBT issues.

Anonymous - You are right I should edit the post to show some love for Tammy and Barney.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how many states adopted anti-gay legislation. People are highly protective of their bigotry and prejudice. But we black folks fought the same battle and it ain't over til it's over. So this is probably a delay or a set back. You cannot halt progress, maybe slow it down, but it is invariably inevitable.

Anonymous said...

This was so cool! Don't know how you did it, but I loved it!
And my heart is deeply saddened for the Prop 8 pass. This is not just a hugs loss for California's gay Americans... it is a loss for all gay Americans!
I can only hope that Obama will overturn DOMA and help move forward equal rights during his term!

sofwarewiki said...

May be human rights should pitch in that case.

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