Saturday, January 17, 2009

Proof Don't Ask Don't Tell Will Be Lifted Soon

Happy Saturday, this is proof Don't Ask Don't Tell will be lifted shortly.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god that was adorable

T. R Xands said...


Omg I wish they had done Single Ladies...

Anonymous said...

We present you the short film "Nowhere without my parents" (A cuestas, con mis padres) a surrealistic comedy about gays. The short film was directed by Vicente Bonet with the actors Isabel Gadea and Marcos Garcia. The soundtrack is from Roberto Pérez of "Lo que surja" show.

This short film was presented in the festival and you can see it in next link: . "Nowhere without my parents" is on top of the box office during his two first weeks.

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard that song since it was on a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode.

Laurie said...

WOW!!! The hottie in the black shorts with
the white trim...OH YEAH!!!!

Now they need to do one with an all
female volleyball team :)


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